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If I turned in my course card to my teacher before the Shelter in Place, do I still need to complete one online?

Only students who DID NOT turn a course card in before Friday, March 13 are required to submit a course request online.  It is critical that we receive course requests from all students in order to be prepared for next year.  If you have a change in your course requests, simply email your counselor about the change you need to make.


Are students required to work during the Shelter in Place?

Students are expected to stay in contact with their teachers and keep up with the assignments and activities that teachers are assigning.  Since there is a possibility that we may be out longer than April 13, it is critical that progress is made and that students are keeping their minds sharp.  It has not been determined how students will be assessed during this time.  All teachers are posting information on the school website under "Class Assignments by Teacher."


Can my student come to campus to retrieve belongings or materials?

Campus is closed until April 2.  If there is something that you need urgently, please contact Mrs. Pfaltzgraff to see if arrangements can be made.


Are SAT and ACT testing still being administered?

Spring SAT and ACT tests have been posted until further notice.  See links for information  ACT    SAT  


Will AP testing still be administered?

AP is exploring the possibility of "take home" AP exams if we don't return to school by May.   AP Updates


Will other forms of testing such as CAASPP State testing, ELPAC, Physical Fitness Tests and California High School Proficiency Examination test still be administered?

These tests have been cancelled for this year.


What will happen with prom, graduation, or other events scheduled for this year?

We are unsure about the future of these events.  If an event falls within the Shelter in Place window, events may be cancelled or considered for rescheduling when we return.  We will communicate the status of these events as decisions are made.


What if I don't have WiFi at home?

These internet companies are stepping up to expand their WiFi, hotspot coverage for Americans during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Click here for specifics.

AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Charter Spectrum, Sprint, T-Mobile


How do I help my student use their Chromebook?

Chromebook Flyer - English

Chromebook Flyer - Spanish