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English III/Academy English III: Text @mcoffee to 81010



AP Language: Text @mcoffeeAP to 81010

Ms. Morgado, myself, and Ms. Jensen
Ms. Morgado, myself, and Ms. Jensen
The 2019-2020 English Department
The 2018-2019 English Department
English Department Chairs - Ms. Dell and me
English Department Chairs - Ms. Dell and me
The Academy Team - Mr. Eklund, Mr. Villars, Mr. Frazel, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Coffee
The Academy Team

Sharon Coffee

Hi, I'm Sharon Coffee and this is my 14th year teaching and my 6th year teaching here at Concord High.  Before that I taught 8 years at my old high school, a small private school called Liberty Christian School, in Southern California.  This year I will be teaching 4 sections of English III and 1 section of AP Language & Composition.


My hope is that each student looks forward to walking into English class and that when they walk out they feel like they’ve been challenged in their reading, and writing, and speaking abilities.  Most importantly, my desire is that by the end of the course, the student actually enjoys writing tasks…..or at least no longer fears or dreads them, because they can more confidently write with some of the tricks I’ve given them.


I am so blessed to be a part of the school’s Human Services Academy and each year I get to teach 2 sections of Academy Junior English. I am also honored to serve as one of Concord High’s English department chairs, alongside Ms. Dell.  Throughout some of my years at CHS I have had the opportunity to work as a cooperating teacher for Saint Mary’s student teaching placement program; Ms. Jensen and Ms. Morgado were once my student teachers and I've been so lucky to get to work alongside them here at CHS once their student teaching ended!


I was born and raised in Southern California (Huntington Beach) and am STILL getting used to living up here in northern California.   I’ve always known that I wanted to be a teacher; I love what I do and I am lucky to be able to call it a job. I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with both my Bachelor of Arts in English Education and my Teaching Credential.


Finally, I help run the school’s Writing Center – a place students can visit during advisory to get some help on any kind of writing assignment for any class.  I hope to see each and every student in The Writing Center this year!

Posted 8/21/18
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Student Teacher - Mr. Yocum (periods 4, 5, and 2)

My name is Mr. Yocum and I am going to be your student teacher for this next year. As your student teacher, it is important to inform you that I am a student and a teacher at the same time so I do understand the challenges that students face and am learning just as much as you are. I was born in Sacramento, CA and I lived there until I went off to college. I started at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga in the Fall of 2015 and just finished my undergraduate there this last May. I graduated with a BA in English and a minor in Education. I am currently in two graduate school programs: the Single Subject Teaching Program in which I am hoping to get my credential to become a high school English teacher and the Masters of Education program. I have always been passionate about teaching even from a tender young age. I come from a family of educators going back generations and have always felt naturally inclined and drawn towards the teaching profession. I love to learn and in my opinion one of the best ways to further learning is through the practice of teaching. Through this experience, I am hoping to learn just as much from you all as you do from me. I also want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to work with you this year. I could not be a teacher without you and I look forward to getting to know each of you better over the course of this next year.