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2021-22 Class Schedule

Period 1: Chemistry of the Earth System


Period 5: Biotechnology


Period 2, 4, 6: Living Earth

Felicia Yu Locker

Felicia Yu

Ms. Yu's Courses 2021-2022

Living Earth: Previously called Biology I, this is now a biology course with some earth science topics integrated into the curriculum, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Here's a broad overview of what this looks like. We learn about ecology, climate change, cells and cell chemistry, evolution and Earth history, genetics, and growth and development, and toward the end of the year we also include a unit on reproductive health. In other words, Living Earth is the science of all life on Earth!


Biotechnology: This is an upperclassmen elective course (must take biology and should take chemistry first) designed to give students hands-on lab experiences and instruction in the basics of biotechnology. What is biotechnology? Simply put, we're using the stuff of living things at the cellular or molecular level (proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.) in order to engineer solutions to real problems. How do we cure or prevent diseases, from genetic disorders and cancer to pandemic viruses? How do we grow more food with less land and energy? How do we clean up the ocean's plastic pollution? 


Chemistry of the Earth System: This is a recently redesigned general chemistry course aligned with NGSS standards, covering introductory chemistry concepts with an emphasis on using chemistry to explain some of Earth's key systems, such as heat and energy in the atmosphere and Earth's core, and ocean acidification due to climate change. We'll explore the "rules" of matter and change - how and why chemical reactions happen, how to figure out what materials are made of and why they have their specific traits, etc. 

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