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2018-19 Class Schedule

Period 1, 2, 3, 5: Living Earth


Period 6: Biotechnology

Felicia Yu Locker

Felicia Yu

Living Earth & Biotechnology

Living Earth: previously just general biology, this is now a biology course with some earth science topics integrated into the curriculum. Here's a broad overview of what this looks like, from CSU Northridge. We are in our first year of officially trying out this new sequence of topics and instruction, along with a different type of text (currently "borrowing" one used by San Francisco Unified, customized for the Bay Area). 


Biotechnology: this is an upperclassmen elective course (must take biology & chemistry first) designed to give students hands-on lab experiences and instruction in the basics of biotechnology. What is biotechnology? Simply put, we're using the stuff of living things at the cellular or molecular level (proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.) in order to engineer solutions to real problems. How do we cure or prevent disease? How do we grow more food with less land and energy? How do we clean up the ocean's plastic pollution?


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