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Clubs and Social Organizations

20-21 Clubs have started up!  the list below shows the clubs that have started so far.  check back for updates.

Latinos Unidos- Contact Person: Rosario Torres, Club President (925)435-6615
Meeting bi-weekly on Wednesdays around noon via zoom
Meeting ID: 836 0736 4487
Passcode: 693622

Model UN- Contact Person: Myrah Shah, Club President
Meetings on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM
Meeting ID: 867 6534 3393

API- Contact Person: Ethan Ponce, Club President or (925)381-0857
Meetings on Wednesday at 2:30 PM
Meeting ID: 839 0266 1944
Password: api2020

CHS Green- Contact Person(s): Club Presidents and
Vbhb Meeting every Wednesday at 12:00 PM starting 10/14 to 12/30 (12 occurrence(s))
Meeting ID: 878 8516 1838
Password: 846070

Female Empowerment- TBD

Mental Health Awareness CHS- Contact Person: Isabella Lasalle, Club President
(925)303-0811 or (if necessary)

Tahitian Club - TBD

KeyClub - Contact Person: Bridget Aurelio, Club President (707)567-3180 or
Meet every first Friday of month via zoom
Different ID every meeting

Stepping Stone - Contact Person: Robert Santa Maria, Club President 925-222-0240 or
Remind- @chsstone
Meeting Wednesdays at 12:00 PM twice a month, first meeting 10/28
Meeting ID: 875 0034 6464

California Scholarship Federation - Contact Person: Myrah Shah, Club President
Meeting on Mondays at 2:15 PM via Zoom
Meeting ID:820 5447 1338
Password: 784784


You can download the Club Minutes Document here:   CHS Club Minutes


As of January 2020 leadership is offering grants ranging from $1-$500. This new program is meant to promote the clubs and organizations at CHS that directly impact the lives of students in a positive way. If you would like to apply for a grant, please fill out the form below. 

Leadership Grant Application Form


Below are the links for spending approval and check requests for club expenditures:

Pre Approval

Check Request





Spirit Squad